There comes a day in every mom’s life when she realizes no matter how old her children are they still need her. It may not be the kind of need you are accustomed to giving but it is a need, never-the-less. And if you are like me…we will take it. So, the other day, my oldest daughter was kind of hanging out in my work space. You know, the kind of hanging around where they don’t say anything, but you can tell they want something. This time there was a spirit that loomed over her that screamed MOMMY I NEED YOU, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT! It was more of a “I need something” not “I want something”. I asked if something was wrong. I got the sad, “No, nothing”. I asked if there was something she wanted to talk about. Again, “No”. I can tell my child has a lot on her mind. I can tell something is truly bothering her. I want  to help. I want to erase this look of pain, hurt, discernment from her face. She is trying to hide it oh so well, however, I have been her mother for twenty-one years and she can’t deceive me. So, what am I to do? WHAT IS A MOTHER TO DO??? This calls for real intervention!

So, what did I do you ask? I gently reach out to her and pull her in. I hug her like she is two years old again. I embrace her and without words I let her know: I am still your mommy, I still love you, I still have your back, I still hurt when you hurt, I am here in this moment for you, these arms are where you can still find comfort and safety. Her tears began to flow, her embrace was returned, and I let her have her time. Through it all, my embrace never loosened. I never said a single word.  I was there for her and that was what she needed. When she was ready, she let go. I could have and would have held her all day and night if needed. I grabbed a tissue and wiped away her tears. Not a word was spoken, nor was one needed. Seconds later, she was out of my office and on with her day. It’s precious moments like this that I thank God. I thank God for allowing her to still trust me. I thank God for allowing me to keep my mouth shut and not trying to solve all her problem. I thank God that she still finds comfort in me. Most of all, I thank God for my beautiful daughter

To this day, I still do not know what was troubling her. I am just happy to know I was there when she needed me.

Moral of the story: No matter the age, your children still need you! However, it may be in a different way.

Love & 21 Kisses, 

Angel J.

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