About Me

I’m just your everyday woman living the life God wants me to… Ha! Yeah right. God is still working on me. A mother to 5 beautiful kids: ages ranging from 21 to 2 years, I’ll refer to them as C5, C4, C3, C2 and C1. Our house is never quiet, boring, organized, or clean. But it’s home. It’s where we laugh, cry, grow, and make memories. About three years ago, our pediatric nurse said, “Angel you should create a blog with everything you go through.” I replied, “Jamie, people would think I just made all this crazy stuff up!” She laughed and said, “You’d be surprised how many moms just go through the same “crazy” stuff.”
Fast forward to now: the children have grown, we have added to the family, and life is moving swiftly along. Looking how far God has brought us, in seven years, I realize how blessed we truly are. This blog will allow me to share our greatest up, downs, accomplishments and fears. So, sit back and enjoy this ride with the Jones family. I guarantee you we will make you laugh. Ha, you may even cry.

Having fun at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum