Family Fun at Walmart

Family Fun at Walmart

So, you hate shopping with toddlers?
I know many parents think it is hard to shop with toddlers. Believe me this has been my fight for years. Do I wait until the husband comes home? Do I stop by the store at 7:30am after working a twelve hours shift and have to go through the self check? Ehhh, NO! Where is the “win” for me? What is a momma to do? Well first go home and get some sleep. Then, grab the kids and head to the grocery store.  I have found that it is easier to shop if we have a little fun first. Yup, I’m that mom you see playing with her kids with toys in Walmart. We may go to the toy aisle to see whats new. No, we do not buy. Then we stop in the candle section and grab some free smells. Finally, I grab them some snacks and yes, give them to my kids to eat while I do my shopping. Judge me if you want, I really do not care. I do allow my kids to eat the food before I purchase it.  Yup. I’m that mom too!  But you will never, ever see my kids screaming and throwing temper tantrums while the entire store is looking at you. LOL I will admit you have to allow yourself more time than if you were alone. However, when you don’t have a sitter and the fridge is empty, a momma gotta do what a momma gotta do.

        Happy St Patrick’s Day!           

  My two panda bears                       Now he’s a bunny

Still trying to figure out the purpose of these big heads!
Love & 21 kisses,
Angel J.

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