New Years Goals

New Years Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I can not begin to explain how happy I am that the new year is here. I have this feeling in my soul that 2019 is going to be an exceptional year for my family and I. I am uber excited! I know my family, coworkers and everyone else that has crossed my path in the last month is tired of hearing how excited I am. I did not make one New Year Resolution this time. I made a New Year Goal! If it is one thing I pride myself on is making and sticking to goals. Here is my New Year Goal:

GET ORGANIZED. I know this may seem like a no-brainer but I like chaos. However, it is not working for me anymore. (I really don’t think it ever did!) How am I going to get organized you may ask? Let me tell you. I am a visual learner. I like to see charts, graphs, videos…. so to actually see what I need to do helps me. I can’t place appointments, deadline or even birthdays in my phone, I need to see them daily, on a schedule, or planner every single day. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t get done. The only exception to this is laundry! and sometimes a sink full of dishes! Don’t judge me okay.

Here’s my plan. Write my day out on a Daily Schedule and stick to it. It must be realistic and must be filled out before the day begins. On the schedule I must list the main goal I want to accomplish that day and make sure it gets done. Only ONE goal. Remember Rome wasn’t build in a year. (What, HUH!?!) Click here for a free copy. My New Year gift to you!

I also have a weekly schedule and a monthly schedule. On the inside door of my studio, I also have a yearly dry erase calendar. Since I work outside the home full time, have five children, a husband, a house to make sure is standing, trying to grow my blog and sew for the boutique, (Who does this woman think she is!?!), I have to plan weeks and months ahead. This really does help. I have been using the calendars for a few months now and my life is somewhat less chaotic. What I really like is that the family has jumped on the train and have started writing their appointments and events down. This way we are all in the know.

In conclusion, my New Years Goal is get and stay organized so that my life in 2019 will be filled with happiness, the business will become prosperous, and I will reach levels I never dreamed of. All while making new friends along the way. So, lets get excited, get our hustle on and make our families proud!

I hope you enjoy the free download. Make sure you come back, you never know what other free downloads I will upload.

Love & 21 kisses,

Angel J.

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