Never Too Early to Learn

Can you remember how old you were when you were assigned chores? Yea…..Neither can I. In our house we start them out young. At the age of two you are sweeping the kitchen and cleaning the bathtub. Seriously, my sweet C5 sweeps her little kitchenette with her little dollar tree broom and dust pan and C4 and C5 always clean the bath tub with the excessive amount of bubble bath they add when I turn my head for that quick second. Damn, those little Angel’s are fast.

On a more serious note, I learned the hard way, how not assigning children chores can bite you in the butt. I use to be the mother that washed the dishes, washed and ironed all the clothes, cooked all the meals, cleaned the house, took night classes and worked full time outside the house. It wasn’t until I married, my husband questioned why weren’t the kids helping? I really didn’t have a good a answer. I do remember looking at him crazy and stating because that’s what I do. My mom cleaned after me, my grandma cleaned after her, that’s just how it was. I remember him saying something like it would be easier on me. I’m not going to lie, I fought him for a while. Then, one day I said enough.  I taught C3 to sort the laundry, C2 was to carry it down to the basement, and C1 was responsible for washing and drying the clothes. Each were responsible for folding and putting away their own clothes. C1 soon taught them to use the machines. Next, they were assigned dish nights and various chores throughout the house. Life was good for me! C4 and C5 actually love the small chores we give them.  C4 is responsible for putting a liner in the trash and they both love Swifting the floors. It makes them feel useful, gives them a sense of self-worth and teaches them responsibility. Hopefully the cycle has been broken and all of my children will teach their children at a younger age to contribute to the duties of the household.

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