Gray, White and Lavender Zipper Pouch


Gray, White and Lavender Paisley Zipper Pouch

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Gray, White and Lavender Paisley Zipper Pouch with purple lining is a wonderful way for your special girl or guy to store their necessities.  It is perfect for holding lip gloss, cell phone, money, crayons or markers. This pouch can be used as a snack holder for your toddler or a personal hygiene holder for your tween. Regardless, if your special person is 2 years old or 22 years old, they will love this pouch as a gift. It is made of 100% cotton, so throw it in the wash when needed.  This pouch is a great alternative to carrying a bulky purse yet need to carry small necessities. When you want to carry your purse again simply toss the pouch into your purse. Here are a few ways we use them in our home:

Let me share how we use these beauties:
Make-Up Pouch
Hair Accessories
Pencils, Pen and Art Pouch
First Aid Kit for our car
Epi Pen holder
Diabetic meter holder for grandma
Match box cars
Doll accessories
Travel Organizer
Female Hygiene products for teens


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