Love Letter to Child

Love Letter to Child

Dear Child,
There is something I want to share with you today. No, this is not a lecture it’s more of a life lesson. You may not be receptive to it now but all I ask is that you store it in the back of your mind. And when the day comes, trust and believe the day will come, all I ask is that you remember this lesson.

Life is a gift from God.

Life is a gift from God. As much as he loves us he also gave us this thing called free-will. With free-will we are able to make our own decisions. I can assure you because of free-will you will make decisions that are just plain stupid.  Sometimes calling it stupid is a nice word. But what I want you to remember is this one simple…. God has you. Let me tell you what this means: He will never leave you nor forsake you. He knew you before I knew you. He loved you before I even set eyes on you. God knows all the mistakes you are going to make but just like my unwavering love for you, his is also. How do I  know this you may ask? 

Your mother is not perfect.

Your mother is not perfect.  Far from it. I have made mistakes that have landed me in the deepest valley with no place lower to go. And yes, I have been in this place more than I care to admit. However, it was during these times I was able to reassess my purpose, my possibilities and my plan. It was during these times that prayer was my ladder to get me out of that dark, lonely valley. During these times God spoke to me and I was able to hear him very clear. It was during these times I was willing to follow his plan because I could clearly see my plan was not working.

Remember, God has you.

What I am saying my child, is when you find yourself alone, feeling as you have hit rock bottom, tired and don’t know where to find strength to go on remember this……God has you. He will take you to the next level as long as you are willing to listen. In that valley we do a better job of listening. We do a better job of listening when there are no distractions. So, what I am saying is, when that time comes and my love it will come, don’t be discouraged, don’t beat yourself up, don’t should’ve, would’ve, could’ve….. just listen. Then get ready to watch God show out and take you to the level you never dreamed of.

I Love you,

Hugs and 21 kisses,

Angel J.

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