Fair Game in a Family of 7!

Fair Game in a Family of 7!

Fair Game in a Family of Seven!

Our master bathroom is under renovation so we have had to use the kids shower. While showering I noticed C1’s Peppermint Bath and Body body-wash. I had to smell it, right! Yup, smells yummy and even gives a nice tingling feel. Let’s just say her bottle is now empty. And if she asks, I will give the answer you hear so many times in our house, “It’s wasn’t me!”. Ha! So, if you live in a house full of people, be it children or adults you begin to wonder, is anything sacred? Or…is it fair game? Let me share what I have noticed is fair game in our family:
#1. Products left in the shower (ha, ha)
#2. Socks (I have seen the older girls with a toddler sock on. REALLY!)
#3. Food and drinks left in the refrigerator (even if it does have your name on it)
#4. Money left in your clothes and found in the laundry
#5. Hair products (all of us are natural)
#6. We have a table by the dryer, if you put your clothes on it…….yup, fair game
#7. Money left in the ashtray of your car
#8. Feminine hygiene products
#9. Shoes (Luckily for me, the girls can’t fit my shoes, but Lord, I have seen some fights)
#10. Phone chargers
Having a large family has always been my dream. So, you learn not to sweat the small stuff. We are a family of seven but always have at least one or more other children at our house. They too, learn what is fair game and what is strictly off limits. I can only shake my head when I ask C1’s best friend why she has on my socks and her reply is “But it was on the table next to the dryer”. REALLY!

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