Fair Game in a Family of 7!

Fair Game in a Family of Seven! Our master bathroom is under renovation so we have had to use the kids shower. While showering I noticed C1's Peppermint Bath and Body body-wash. I had to smell it, right! Yup, smells yummy and even gives a nice tingling feel. Let's just say her bottle is now empty. And if she asks, I will give the answer you hear so many times…


Proud, Scared, Happy, Sad

Proud, Scared, Happy, Sad It has been two weeks since C2 has left for basic training. The day he left was an emotional roller coaster ride. I felt proud, scared, happy and sad. It was a relief that the whole family plus his girlfriend was there to see him off. The highlight of the morning was the Swear in Ceremony. It was during this time I felt PROUD. PROUD to…


Dear Single Moms

Dear Single Moms, I am writing you this letter because I wish someone had wrote it to me. Before I married this wonderful man, I now call my better half, I was a single mother of three. Life was good, because I had decided it would be good. I had made a few promises to myself concerning my children and I was willing to put in the work to keep…


Never Too Early to Learn

Can you remember how old you were when you were assigned chores? Yea.....Neither can I. In our house we start them out young. At the age of two you are sweeping the kitchen and cleaning the bathtub. Seriously, my sweet C5 sweeps her little kitchenette with her little dollar tree broom and dust pan and C4 and C5 always clean the bath tub with the excessive amount of bubble bath…


Natural Hair

 I have to admit I am fairly new to the natural hair game. However, now that I am natural I will never, ever go back to relaxing the beautiful curls from my hair. I want to share a few things I have learned during my two year journey of being natural. I hope this information helps at least one of you natural, soon-to-be-natural, or just wandering-about-natural ladies. Oh yea, or…

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Letting Go Sucks

There comes a time in every mother’s life where she has to let go. No one can ever prepare you for how you will feel. I have heard many of my friends and family members say over and over again, “I can’t wait until he/she turns 18 years old, he/she will be out!” I was never that parent. I was the one who dreamed of my older two moving into…

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