Back to the Basics

I woke up this morning with an urge to get out and have some fun with the kids. Chuck E Cheese? Children’s Museum? Sky Zone? Western Bowl? These are a few of our favorite places to visit. However, I had an amazing idea to challenge myself. I wanted to know if I could plan an outing that would entertain a three, five and fourteen year old. Oh yea…and without spending a dime. We live in Indianapolis, Indiana so this challenge would not be impossible. This city is full of events for all ages, ethnicity, incomes and passions. From the craft lover, to the sports fanatics, to the art lover to the gardener and quilter, there is always something going on in this city. I know how easy it is to have a great time when you have extra money to spend but what about the families that do not have this luxury? Do not worry, I am here for you!
Sometimes you have to go back to the basics and you just may be surprised by the magic you may find. So, this is what we did today and it only cost me $1.75 (which was spent in parking).

First, we had lunch at home. This time was different because I joined them at their table instead of them eating at the family table. Let me tell you, I learned more about Paw Patrol than I ever wanted to. It was fun though, I must admit. I was surprised that the children knew so much about each character.

Second, we visited the downtown Indianapolis Public Library. Let me tell you, this place is amazing. From the ease of finding the location, to parking, from the security throughout to the layout of the library, was all family friendly. Upon entering the library the children were amazed by the escalators that can be rode to the sixth floor. Yes, this library has six floors! So, that was our first adventure. We then visited the third floor that had exhibits of African clothes. It was nice that the displays were not behind a glass so you could get up and close. Very nice for the fourteen year old. We then rode the escalator to the second floor where the children’s section is located. It’s called The Learning Curve. Here children can read books, learn on computers, listen to stories, run and  jump in the interactive room or “cook” while making new friends in the kitchenette. I promise, there is something for every age in this place. We spent at lease three hours at the library and the children really enjoyed themselves. I was only able to get them to leave by promising ice cream. When we were leaving I noticed they had more art on display by African American artists. They were pieces created with combinations of natural elements. Very beautiful!

We finished our adventure for the day by visiting Leonard Park in Speedway, Indiana. This has been our favorite park since we moved here. I’ll post on this park later in the week so be sure to come back!

So, if you are visiting Indianapolis, Indiana or live here and want to take the family for a free outing, look no farther, go visit The Indianapolis Public Library.


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