Chicken or shrimp alfredo

Chicken or shrimp alfredo

Shrimp and/or Chicken Alfredo

My favorite go to meal is this easy shrimp Alfredo. It is simple, elegant, and kid friendly. LOL There are only a few items you need and it takes less than 30 minutes to make. Items needed:
your favorite alfredo sauce
angel hair pasta
broccoli and/or spinach (fresh or frozen)
thawed and detailed cooked shrimp and/or cooked chicken
garlic powder, onion powder, creole seasoning and olive oil

While you are boiling your pasta go ahead and add the broccoli and spinach in the water.
In a skillet saute your shrimp/chicken in olive oil. Then add alfredo sauce and seasonings to taste. All you are doing is warming everything up.
Place pasta on your plate, add sauce, and garnish with your favorite cheese. Add garlic bread and a salad. Dinner is served.
All in less than 30 minutes.

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