What I Found When My Son Moved Out!

What I Found When My Son Moved Out!

Have you ever wondered what you may find in the room of your teenage son if you mustered up the nerve to go through his things? Too afraid the findings may tarnish the sweet images of your little boy? Are you daring enough, brave enough, can you handle the truth of what your discoveries may say? I wasn’t sure if I could either. I think this is why it took me almost six months to reclaim my space once my son left for South Korea.
When we moved into our home ten years ago, my mother, my three children and myself, this bedroom was hers. After I married and she moved, I was able to shortly claim the room as an office. Well, once baby four came we decided to move my oldest son into the room and my dreams of having my own space disappeared with my waistline. He was happy to be in his own space. This room is on the main level of the house and the other three bedrooms are upstairs. Which was why  it was the perfect crafting/office space for me.
Fast forward five years. When my son told me he was leaving for the military I was devastated. (You can read that post later.) I just knew he would be home for the next four years while attaining his Bachelor’s degree in Biology. When he left for boot camp. I refused to touch or move anything. In the back of my mind I kept saying maybe he’ll change his mind. After going to Texas for his graduation things got real for me. I now knew he was no longer my baby but property of the United States Air Force for the next six years. I was very supportive, very proud but also very sad. My baby was no longer a baby. He is a man that from this point on will make adult decisions. So, when I got home I decided it was time to reclaim my space. The room that was rightfully mine. My She Shed, but not really. Lol.
So, let me share with you what I packed away from his room:
His football jerseys. One for each year he had played. First grade through his sophomore year. The memories those things brought back released the flood gate of tears.
His rap journals. The boy has been writing since second grade. He has always been smart as a whip and would get bored in class very easy. So, his teacher gave him a journal and told him to write in it while the other children were finishing their assignment. (She was a genius) While reading his raps I learned how he felt about me going through cancer. How he really felt about his biological father. How he aspires to be a great man. I realized at that point  kids do see and feel what we try so hard to protect them from.
A collection of African American literature. My Bondage and My Freedom, Chains, The Help, Their Eyes Were Watching God, to name a few. He also has some religion books in there. I knew he had an extensive book collection but I was 100 % sure it was all fictional. The child has the entire Twilight and Harry Potter series. I believe he has read them more than once. (Nerd) LOL
His Motivation board. I am so proud to know my son has goal. Big Goals. To travel, build his bank account and make a difference in the world are on that board. Let’s just say he is off to an excellent start.
In conclusion, I am so happy I decided to pack his things myself. I almost had his sisters do it. I am truly blessed to have a young man who wants more from life than to watch from sideline. I had to stop and truly give myself some credit for doing a great job with him. Words can’t explain how proud I am to be this kids mom. I am forever grateful I did not find anything to leave a disturbing imprint in my heart and lastly, I am ecstatic to have my own space again!

Love & 21 kisses,
Angel J.

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